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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 22, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> reporter: warriors exit dropped a bombshell some details remain secret >> reporter: also coming to san francisco linked in a skyscraper project. >> reporter: and criminals at work we will take you through this berkeley and processing is the fall or a choice of prime time news. in north (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: now at 8--
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>> pam: new details tonight about the south bay teenager. who stowed away. and survived. more than five hours in a wheelwheel of a hawaiian airlines plane. >> pam: he snuck onto the tarmac at san jose airport. climbed up the wheelwell. and ended up in hawaii. the 15-year old is a student at santa clara high school. he is currently in a hospital in honolulu. in >> pam: this is a new photograph showing the inside of the hawaiin airlines 7-6-7. we're also learning tonight. the teen was on the san jose airport grounds for seven- hours. unnoticed. police in hawaii say, he was actually trying to get back to somalia. >> pam: tonight there are some serious questions about the fence security at san jose international airport. that's where we find kron 4's j.r. stone live tonight. jr? >> reporter:still unclear as to how he made his way over
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a babred fence. just looking at some of this fencing, you may think otherwise. >>perimeter fencing meets all federal standards. >> reporter: well the
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fairfield does have cameras monitoring 24 hours of the day that a that could have been seen all around this dense line. fence >> reporter: recording someone on camera and the whole life and airlines plane when it was dark and outside in the morning hours before its deployed. >>that is not acceptable. >> reporter: the congressman did not give that specific solution to this problem. other than one process to the allies to see if improvements can be made. live in san jose international airport i in j.r. stone now back to you.
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>> reporter: >> pam: andwe have more coverage on the teen stowaway ahead tonight-- the boys ability to sneak into a plane at san jose's significant security concerns. security at the bay areas two other major airports. a live report is coming up tonight at 8:30. >> pam: kron-4 has learned. the 15-year old stowaway went to santa clara high school. we talked classmates there who say, he is a shy and quiet student. >>". happy with that, you know. " >shy = and quiet
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>> pam:students also say, the young man was new to santa clara high school, having arrived just a few weeks ago. and that the transition may have been difficult. >> reporter:basketball executives and bay conservationists united in their enthusiasm for the warriors' new choice of their future san francisco home. mayor ed lee calls the >> reporter: mission bay site. a spectacular location. today warriors president rick welts answered kron four's questions about the deal. >> we stuff that it was too expensive but six weeks ago: joe lake up the warriors owner and said he was about to place 12 a. on the market it is it a wonderful place for which you guys are
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trying to do. it was last saturday night after the game with the clippers actually that we signed the purchase agreement. he pleaded we paid a very high price and we have taken and a lot of risk. we have to address some of the opponents to the pearson 32 side. for our own reasons we thought that it was not a perfect project. we would need to be in the ground there to tell the 62 to be prepared for 2018 game season. we are on the same time line. the city is moving into that direction. we did see a opportunity to be a part of an emerging neighborhood.
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>> reporter:while the city of san francisco praised the golden state warriors plans to move across the bay from oakland and build a stadium in mission bay not everyone is ecstatic about it. >> reporter:new tonight at 8-- kron 4's justine waldman tells us that includes fans in the east bay. tuesday afternoon, witnesses >> if they moved away but still closed but prefer them stand in oakland. >> reporter: say goodbye to oakland and setting up shop in san francisco. >> is too bad because the warriors have been here a long time but i could understand why they are moving. there will probably build a beautiful stadium over there. >> reporter: fans believe
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oakland is about to lose a lot. >> we are going to lose a lot of fans. >> reporter: the warriors have so dull 79 straight games at the oracle for the last two years to the arm in a built in 1966 does not get much love. there's are looking for to a state of the art stadium even though it is in san francisco. >> and still a fan regardless of where they are at. >> pam: oakland alameda coliseum of party is offering its 10 year lease to the a's to remain in all that come coliseum. terms are not being revealed. the
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days have threatened to wolf up oakland if they cannot get received a new stadium. >> reporter: here along walter street recalled a chaotic scene as they watched flames consume this two story home. hear people screaming.. fire fire.. a lot of flames and smoke and the wind makes the fire go more quickly. the san francisco fire department has a station less than two blocks from walter street and it only took minutes for crews to arrive on scene but it was quickly apparent that the fire was moving fast. >> reporter: pushing it from the back, feeding the fire. by the time they got here.. what we usually do is try to confine it to one building...there was no doing that. it had already spread to the other two buildings. three alarms before crews were able to bring it under control around 3pm. no residents were injured but the hospital. >> reporter:there was one firefighter that was injured when hot tar fell on him from the roof. the red cross was also in the area offering assistance
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to anyone displaced by the fire. the exact cause of the blaze is still under investigation. in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> reporter:
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>> pam: 17 year-old to jennifer mother is seeking $100 million in damages for the fed ex truck that collided on highway 51 many drivers died. . >> pam: uc police say they spotted the spent trying to matt tried to take the girl from her father. detectives say he was tried to list the girl from off the ground from the father before they captured him.
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>> pam: ahead tonight and south bay capital late.. >> pam:health alert for parents when a student diagnosed with whooping cough.
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>> reporter:new at 8 tonight. crooks.caught on camera.busting into a walgreens.hurdling the counter.and loading up on thosuands of dollars worth of cigarettes. >> reporter:take a closer
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look. we'll freeze it as the two burglars approach.look what one is holding.that's a big piece of concrete. one tosses the concrete at the door.and the glass breaks.but it takes them about 30 seconds to actually get through the glass.they store. >> reporter:seconds later.making a b-line for the smokes. hopping the counter.and loading up on cigatettes. 57-hundred dollars worth. we've spen up the video here because they spend almost a minute filling their plastic trash bags. here's another see them take off. >> reporter:this was friday just after 4:00 the walgreens on ralston avenue. police are searching for the two vehicle was seen on the surveillance video. in san francisco. >> pam: a man who was arrested last night for driving through the presidio neighborhood. with possible explosives in his car. has been released
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from jail. >> pam:authorities say, eric smith was stopped by u.s. park police last night. over a traffic violation. near mason street. >> pam: >> pam: the driver told police, he the car. the bomb squad determined the devices that resembled dynamite. were explosive. they were detonated in a safe location. >> pam:police arrested smith on suspicion of possessing marijuana. we caught up with smith this morning. here's what he said, when asked where the fireworks came from.,. >>".rid of it." >> pam:any charges in connection with the explosives found in the man's car. are still pending. school officials say, so far, just the one case has been reported.
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still ahead-- >>4 babies hospitalized with whooping cough this-it was 2 last year. very concerned. we want to make sure anyone around the babies are vaccinated.
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>> reporter: and berkeley city council meeting this scheduled for next thursday. where you will also receive feedback from residents. >> i just want to be the opportunity for people to understand. why did in the house in place at the same time. >> by increasing the minimum wage guess you will bring the pay up, how many will this affect workers' hours.
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>> reporter: if this proposal passes gradual increases will start in september creek reported in berkeley police to reach kron 4 news. alecia reed kron 4 news. >> jacqueline: path within we are still seen 40 mi. an hour gusts to 39, at ocean beach 2010 in a bottle and union city. the land does is done in well and will continue to died down overnight. keep
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temperatures in a little warmer over night. >> reporter: and is getting crowded down here and you know how long this city can take six to and from attack report gate slate
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>> reporter: the tech invasion continues in san francisco the social network linked- in. is based in mountain view but looking to add a presence in san francisco >> reporter:a big presence >> reporter:they have leased the skyscraper that is being built at howard and 2nd street. you can see here. it's going to be a big building it will feature 450 thousand square feet of office space and hold up twenty five hundred workers. we've all seen the protests lately of the google busses there is an anti-tech. anti-gentrification movement building in san francisco and now we're
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looking at up to twenty five hundred more tech workers moving in... >> reporter: hard to find parking! can't imagine 2500 more people >> reporter:this is another big score for mayor ed lee and the new blosoming tech scene in san francisco to lure in the most talented tech workers these companies need to have offices here bottom line young techies want to live in san francisco not silicon valley s.f. has the nightlife the foundationg of the new linkedin building is here. soon 26 stories will shoot up holding young talented tech workers >> reporter: >> we need to build new
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affordable housing. >> reporter:and that is leading to higher rents and gentrification. this can't be good news for the movements trying to keep rent low and keep the techies from over taking the city. he is with just cause, one of the organiziations that help displaced families who are loosing their apartments and houses due to this francisco female narrator: for over 60,000 california foster children
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appoint within >> pam:showing exactly how easy it is, to climb into the wheelwell of an airplane
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and stow away. reporter gary tuchman climbed onboard. >> reporter: but this had happened at another airport. looking into just that start with oakland. >> reporter: here at oakland international you'll find a dense with barbwire it will come between you and the tarmac. the security cameras set up in various places but no word on whether those cameras are on 24 hours of the day. that is not all i
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was approached by airport security and asking what i was doing. i am talking about their portraits appeared security. let's go to s f all. pierre is a little different. the tarmac is designed as if it was for naught. with a razor sharp barbed wire. also warning that the area is under video surveillance and what more important thing to point out the color amateur i did not notice any holes in the fed so it looks like oakland it would be very difficult to get on to the tarmac in here behind the act as staff " it looks like it would be next to impossible >> pam: here is the video
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showing exactly how easy it is to climb into the wheel well of an airplane in stowaway reporter gary tuchman climbed on board. >> reporter: this is suffering california aviation airport in victorville californian in desert war allies are all over using any more. we're not want to discriminate to me you house someone with in a will well in an aircraft. this is a boeing 767 that used to be used. this is the door that is close. but there is a way to sneak in a whole to get in the we'll. getting on one of two tires. and step on the bars right here. climb all the way to the top right here and right here is where an open your will well. when someone would climb through that whole thing would and
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appear. and i am going to show you what happens after a decline through that hole. the kit in this. this is the will will area. and we are told there's only really one place to sit where you could possibly survive. because when the wheels moving in the two huge wheels they come right here there's no will accept four right here in the spot and this is where you would have to sit with your knees close to you. the wheel well " close to two tires right here and this is the only place where the possibly survive there is nothing stupider in the world to do but this is where you can do it. >> reporter: 5 stow away a test that did not end tragically most of the people who've stowed away were teenagers interesting stuff as we learn more information will be here at kron4 telecom.
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>> pam: it has believe that many of the students on both the vessel gathered in the cafeteria at the barry began to sink. the estimated death toll was at at least 128 and at least 180 people still missing in for more crew members have been arrested printing the total to nine including the captain accused of abandoning the ship and fell billing to protect passengers. failing to protect the passengers
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>> pam: if you are headed north you want one to miss the story the massive project now under way on a main thoroughfare to tahoe. >> reporter: and next handled with no care shocking video of how a post office employee allegedly handled a delicate package. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] a car that is able to see to calculate, to think -- and can respond to what it encounters.
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and third method >> jacqueline: 16% in fremont and 50s near the close near the coast line. winds are starting to die
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down. rain all well to the north of us. cloud coverage keeping the tempes in the 40's right now. thursday, additinal warming and more rain friday. slight chance of rain saturday
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night into sunday. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter: athletics in season and this is the national beaten to buy a building we are making a difference but are we? the sticking with the delegation did it turn to be popping up like weeds all over oakland. >> reporter: the extent that took the time to read the fine print he was the most of the clothes will end up in africa or central america but is report is important to know that that spirit just outside with an excellent set donations that are resold at discounted
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prices these bands do not block to the thrift store the up for nine prius that are to go overseas. >> we support our delegations employees and the trash and that up for our place it into the band and the driver takes the two are critical as it was the area when >> reporter: 90 cases the beatles are only for clothes, shoes simple. >> reporter:like here in the border of san leandrea ...sometimes dead animals, mattresses and other debris
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is found. >> pam:sports next with jason applebaum [doorbell rings]
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>> reporter:giants meanwhile. working in colorado. trying to get their offense going >> reporter:suspensions
8:46 pm
handed out for sunday's ugly benches clearing brawl in pittsburgh giants one run in 4 of their last games. >> reporter:angels 7 to 2 wins over the nationals. >> reporter:carlos gomez
8:47 pm
suspended 3 games! >> reporter:warriors trying to put last night's blowout loss to the clippers behind them. warriors blasted in game 2 mark jackson a long game for him and the warriors last night >> reporter:blake griffin after playing only 19 minutes in game one scored a career-playoff-high 35 points the clippers lead by 26 at halftime >>across the board bad game for all of us. >>we have to get better we were awful and we own it.
8:48 pm
ryan >> reporter:chris paul had 10 assists to go with 14 points deandre jordan had 11 points and 9 rebounds the clips win 138-98 to tie series at a game each jackson his team is back home for thursday night's game 3 here is david lee and the coach on last night's blowout >> reporter:warriors making news off the court as well regarding their move to san francisco. >> reporter:they are officially scrapping the plans for a new arena piers 30-32.the one we've been hearing about for the past two years. .that was the spectacular waterfront location between the bay bridge and at&t park. >> reporter:.instead they will build their new palace about a mile down the road along 3rd street at area known as mission bay.after purchasing a 12 acre parcel of land over the weekend. earlier tonight i sat down with warriors owner joe lacob. >>it is a really growing part of san francisco. five
8:49 pm
and half acre park close to the water this. many features. not as spectacular as 30-32, argubally. >> reporter: >> reporter:what do you say to the fans? >>we have great fans. we
8:50 pm
thought about this a lot. >>just a differentstiop different stop of bart >> reporter:nba playoffs in full swing. >> pam:now for a recap of
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tonight's o'clock.beginning in the
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>> pam: south bay. we are learning more about the 15-year-old who made his way in to the wheel well of a hawaiian airliner sunday and flew to maui. friends describe him as >> pam: quiet and shy, saying he really missed his mother in somalia. his stunt is raising serious questions about security at all american airports, and at least one local congressman says he plans to discuss the stowaway case when he gets back to washington, d-c. >> pam: the warriors officially announce they're moving to mission bay. to seat approximately 18- thousand fans.and connect to bart by muni. it should be open to start the 2018 campaign. and a fire breaks out in a san francisco duplex. it happened in the city's duboce triangle neighborhood.
8:55 pm
>> pam: a firefighter was treated for a minor hand injury suffered from melting tar on one of the roofs. >> pam: now boasts a bus in northern california are in the thick of 12. thick of oe one. >> reporter:darkness of early morning drive time turns into traffic congestion. cars inching their way doen the road with 1-hr delays. >>i left my house 45 minutes
8:56 pm
ago and i am not even close to the freeway. >> reporter:so, drivers are told to sit back and relax. >> reporter: go straight on 80 or take the scenic route. >> jacqueline:well, its snowing now.
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